Dean Robb

Building Resilient Organizations

We are in the most amazing period oftransformational change the world hasever seen. The business and social envi-ronment is complex, dynamic and turbulent,which means that today’s success formula canbecome tomorrow’s liability nearly overnight.Thriving or even surviving in this context requiresa fundamental re-thinking of the meaning andapplication of our most basic assumptions aboutleading, and managing, business growth and sur-vival. Our companies and organizations mustbecome capable of living in a state of near-contin-uous flow. Every element of business must contin-uously change in response to ever-changingdemands.


THE RESILIENT ORGANIZATIONI have developed a framework for under-standing and working with organizations thataddresses this issue. The framework is a creativesynthesis of ideas and approaches drawn fromorganization psychodynamics and the new sci-ences, particularly the area of complex adaptivesystems. Framework emphasis is on how todevelop what I call “Resilient Organizations.” I willshare this framework with you, some work I havedone with companies using it, and some ideasabout how you might use it in your own work.

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